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Brockton Ma District Court Criminal Lawyer

Brockton District Court, Brockton Massachusetts

Brockton District Court

The Brockton District Court is one of four district courts in Plymouth County. Criminal and Civil cases are heard in the Brockton District Court. Crimes are prosecuted by the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office in the Brockton Court.The Brockton District Court serves the towns of

  • Abington, Massachusetts
  • Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • Brockton, Massachusetts
  • East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • West Bridgewater Massachusetts
  • Whitman Massachusetts.

Brockton District Court Information

The Brockton District Court is the busiest district court in Plymouth County. Thousands of criminal cases are heard in the court each year. On average there are three to four judges that sit in the Brockton court each day. Because of the volume of cases the court tends to move very fast. Jury trials are held in the Brockton District court.

Brockton Court Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence are treated very seriously and at times harshly in the Brockton District Court. Cases like violations of restraining orders or assault and battery are treat severely by the prosecutors. Assistant District Attorneys will try to prove their case by doing anything they can with or without the complaining witness being on board with the prosecution. It is important to speak with the best Brockton Criminal attorney if you or someone you know has been charged with a domestic violence crime in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Brockton OUI DWI DUI Lawyer

The Brockton District court hears many drunk driving cases each year. Prosecutors, police all work to achieve each and every conviction. District Attorneys are trained in handling oui prosecutions. Given the experience the court has with that charge, and the potential penalties one needs an the best criminal defense attorney to fight that charge. Attorney Donovan is the best Brockton OUI lawyer that can fight your OUI charge.

Best Brockton Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Patrick Donovan is committed to providing the best criminal defense in the Brockton Court. Attorney Donovan is an experienced criminal defense attorney that has successfully handled many cases at the Brockton District Court.

Patrick Donovan began his career as an Assistant District Attorney. He has represented people in criminal cases, speeding appeals and magistrates hearings.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime and may need to speak to a lawyer about a case in the Brockton District Court do not hesitate to contact Attorney Patrick Donovan at (617) 479-1800. The initial consultation is always free

What is the Address of the Brockton Court:

Brockton District Court
215 Main Street
P.O. Box 7610
Brockton, MA 02303-7610

What is the Brockton Court Phone Number:

Main Number (508) 587-8000
Probation Department (508) 587-8000 x2755

What is the Brockton Court Fax Numbers?

Brockton Court Fax Numbers:
Judge's Lobby (508) 587-6663
Criminal Clerk's Office (508) 587-6791
Civil Clerk's Office (508) 587-0034
Probation Department (508) 588-6719